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We fully support President Trump and his plans to make America great again. His visions for the country are backed by his actions, and he works hard to keep his campaign promises. Take a look at what we have to say about his most recent statements, speeches, and initiatives.

Buy American, Hire American

Before Donald Trump’s election, America was on the verge of economic collapse. With the rampant corruption in Washington and foreign interests influencing our country, we have been put in a financially unstable situation. Now that President Trump is in the White House, he is doing everything possible for us to bounce back, including his “Buy American, Hire American” rebuilding initiative. His Executive Order (EO) strongly promotes the American industry, protecting it from unfair competition. Every agency and department is obliged to look into and assess the implementation of Buy American policies. The EO also targets procurement waivers and exceptions on foreign goods that have put the U.S. government at a disadvantage. On the employment side, President Trump is focusing on the immigration system so that hardworking American employees are not displaced. The EO aims to closely monitor the entry of foreign workers, promote wage increases, and increase overall employment. Donald Trump is the first president in a long time who ran for the position not because he wants to gain more money or power but because he truly wants to serve the country he loves. Let us show our support for him and the United States of America!
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